Kathy Arias MS, MT, SM, CIC

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 Kathy Arias served as APIC president in 2006.

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In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Kathy shared memories of APIC:

APIC has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, and to meet many infection prevention and control colleagues who have become dear friends.

2006 was the year in which APIC Vision 2012, APIC’s 6-year Strategic Plan was introduced and promoted to the APIC membership:

My presidential address was titled “Infection Prevention and Control and the ICP: Where Have We Been & Where Are We Going?… or What’s in a Name?”. I spoke about APIC’s new Strategic Plan, APIC Vision 2012, in which Strategic Goal #1 was to “Emphasize prevention and promote zero tolerance for healthcare-associated infections and other adverse events” and the need for APIC members to emphasize to others the work that they do in infection prevention rather than control. The APIC 2006 Annual Conference Committee focused special attention on infection prevention over infection control and the title of the conference incorporated the word “prevention”: “Turning the Tide to Infection Prevention in the 21st Century.”

As noted in my address, to support APIC’s strategic focus on prevention, 2006 is the year in which the APIC Board discussed the need to change our titles from “Infection Control Professionals” to something that incorporated the word “prevention.” Although I did not invent the title “Infection Preventionist”, it was introduced to the general APIC membership at the end of my 2006 Presidential Address. The Board decided to promote the title “Infection Preventionist.”