Antibiotics – Preserving them for the future

Each month, the APIC Communications Committee updates the “Monthly alerts for consumers” page of with consumer-focused infection prevention information. This page provides consumers with useful tips and information on their role in stopping the transmission of infection.

In honor of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Get Smart about Antibiotics Week, November 12-18, the November edition is titled “Antibiotics – Preserving them for the future,” and provides important information about why it is important to use antibiotics appropriately. Learn why more than 25 healthcare organizations including APIC have come together to fight against antibiotic resistance.

Some people who suffer with symptoms during cough and cold season often seek an antibiotic prescription from their healthcare provider. It is important to know that antibiotics will not help reduce symptoms caused by the common cold or flu. In fact, antibiotics are often unnecessary for ear infections, sore throat, and sinus infections as well. Using antibiotics inappropriately contributes to the rise in antibiotic-resistant infections. 

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