C. diff is the subject of major USA Today article

APIC contributed to a major article in the USA Today written by Peter Eisler, which highlights the burden of C. difficile infection and its impact on patients. The article, “Far more could be done to stop the deadly bacteria C. diff,” points out that this infection is more prevalent than previous estimates, claiming the lives of twice as many people in the U.S. as automobile accidents. 

Eisler attended the APIC 2012 Annual Conference in San Antonio and interviewed experts on-site to help inform the story. The article also references APIC member surveys which were conducted in 2009 and 2010 to assess progress in implementing effective C. diff prevention efforts. Several compelling statistics from these APIC surveys were included in the story to help make the case that more resources are needed to combat the problem:  41 percent of APIC members surveyed reported budget cuts for infection prevention (2009 APIC Economic Survey); and 42 percent reported not having antimicrobial stewardship programs at their facilities (2010 C. diff “Pace of Progress” survey).