Engage in the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, 5 May 2014

Each year on 5 May, The World Health Organization (WHO) launches a call to action to implement and sustain hand hygiene improvement in healthcare settings worldwide. The theme of this year’s campaign is “No action today; no cure tomorrow – make sure the WHO 5 Moments are part of protecting your patients from resistant germs.”

Among the activities to support the 5 May 2014 call focused on the role of hand hygiene in reducing the spread of antimicrobial resistance, WHO is inviting healthcare facilities to participate in two global surveys:

  1. WHO Global Laboratory-based Survey on MULTIDRUG-RESISTANT ORGANISMS (MDROs) in Healthcare—to assess and raise awareness of the prevalence of the five main health care-associated MDROs that have been identified at the global level.
  2. WHO Global Prevalence Survey on use of SURGICAL ANTIBIOTIC PROPHYLAXIS—to assess surgical antibiotic prophylaxis prescribing in a wide range of acute healthcare facilities.

The deadline to participate is 3 May. Please take the surveys. 

WHO has also prepared new materials to help you in your 5 May hand hygiene and antimicrobial resistance activities, including “10 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media (Twitter) for WHO’s 5 May Campaign” and a backgrounder for patients and families. In addition, there are new 5-moments posters in multiple languages, including a detailed poster about caring for a patient with a urinary catheter.  

It takes just 5 moments to change the world: Clean your hands, stop the spread of drug-resistant germs!

Learn more and register.