Influenza and pneumococcal immunization

Each month, the APIC Communications Committee updates the “Monthly alerts for consumers” page of with consumer-focused infection prevention information. In honor of International Infection Prevention Week, this month’s backgrounder— developed by Sharon Jacobs, RN, MS, CIC—focuses on flu and pneumococcal vaccination. Getting vaccinated is an easy way to be part of the solution to prevent and stop the spread of diseases.

The best way to prevent pneumococcal disease and influenza (also known as the flu) is by getting vaccinated. By doing so, you not only protect yourself, but you protect others (e.g., cancer patients, people with suppressed immune systems) who are vulnerable to severe illness or even death if they get one of these viruses. Learn more about these vaccines and how to protect yourself and loved ones. Feel free to share and use these consumer-friendly materials in your education efforts and sign up to receive monthly updates via email.

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