Surveillance Definitions

Improving surveillance for ventilator-associated events in adults (2012)
This document, a collaboration between APIC and the CDC, provides an overview and proposed new definition algorithm to improve surveillance for ventilator-associated events in adults.

APIC – HICPAC surveillance definitions for home healthcare and home hospice infections (2008)
A collaboration between APIC and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides an explanation of the surveillance definitions used in home healthcare and hospice.

Recommended practices for surveillance (2007)
This American Journal of Infection Control article outlines seven recommended practices for monitoring, measuring, and reporting important outcomes and processes to assist surveillance program development.

Surveillance Definitions of Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities: Revisiting the McGeer Criteria (2012)
These definitions are an update to the surveillance definitions for long-term care (i.e., the McGeer Criteria), which have not been revised since 1991. These definitions are intended to serve as a national standard for infection surveillance in long-term care facilities and include significant changes to criteria defining urinary tract and respiratory tract infections as well as new definitions for norovirus gastroenteritis and Clostridum difficile infections.