Proficient Practitioner Bridge

The Proficient Practitioner Bridge is a self-assessment for the developmental path of the Infection Preventionist.

This tool can be used by IPs at all competency levels but was designed to identify areas of professional development opportunity for those IPs who have demonstrated proficiency by obtaining certification in infection prevention (CIC). The Proficient Practitioner Bridge is an ideal tool to build the professional background and experience to reach the advanced career stage, guiding you to the requirements of application for the APIC Fellow credential.

Each Competency Model domain has been given its own assessment so that you can see your specific areas of strength and those that you can improve. Upon completion of each assessment, you will be provided a percentage to see where you fall on proficiency scale, and your points earned versus total points possible.

A Results Report will be available for download after each domain, where you can analyze your responses for each question. This report will also include resources specific to your answer selection to help you improve your competency in that subdomain and advance to the next level.

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