Registration open – EPI® Analytics Virtual Learning Lab: Effectively Using Data

This six-week course focuses on data creation, manipulation, and presentation and is delivered through a combination of live online learning sessions, discussion board activities, and real world application exercise.

The virtual instructor-led class begins on July 13 and runs for six weeks. It consists of six 90-minute modules (one per week), and each module follows a pattern of pre-work, the actual 90-minute class, and homework. Assessments may include, but are not limited to, test questions, at-work projects, and videos. New for 2015 is a certification review exercise to accompany each module.

This course is specifically designed to help novice IPs:

•Build competency in the use and application of a variety of types of data,

•Integrate NHSN into a comprehensive data management approach,

•Strengthen HAI prevention and reduction metrics,

•Ensure compliance with mandatory HAI reporting requirements, and

•Support IP readiness for board certification.

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