Chapter reports instructions

APIC provides each local chapter with a series of membership rosters to help manage its various chapter functions. These rosters will keep you up-to-date on your membership and voting eligibility, and identify new or prospective members for a membership mailing campaign and how to best connect with them.

Each report has two versions: on-screen viewing and export. The first version is solely for viewing on-screen and cannot be manipulated. The latter is for exporting (as an Excel spreadsheet) and can be manipulated according to the chapter’s needs or preferences. The five available reports are as follows:

1.    Current members – displays current chapter members effective of date pulled
2.    New members – displays new members joining within last 0-30 days
3.    Members not in any chapter – displays members in the chapter’s locale with no chapter affiliation
4.    Lapsed members – displays members that have expired within the past 61-90 days
5.    Members joining within a specific time frame – displays members who joined/renewed within a specified time frame


1.    Select your chapter and desired report below and click “Run Report”. The first time you click "Run Report", your browser will prompt you about a "digital signature."
2.    Choose the option, "Always trust content from this publisher," (SAP/BusinessObjects), and then click the pop-up's "Run" button.
3.    When looking to export a report, be sure to select the “Export” version. Please note that in the original window and prior to exporting, the report will appear jumbled and illegible. When the report opens, click the icon in the top left corner to export.


4.    When choosing the export format, select Microsoft Excel 97-2000 – Data Only (XLS) from the drop down menu. Click the browse button to locate a file destination for saving and click “OK.”

Once the file has been exported, you can find it in the specified “Save To:” location. The saved file should display clearly legible data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

Run report

* Results Note: If you do not progress past a blank white box after clicking on “Run Report”, please click here for more information.  

Technical Specifications 

To run these reports, users should have Internet Explorer 7 or higher or Firefox 6 or higher. These reports also require Java 6 or higher. If you do not have Java installed, you can download the software at Downloads for Java SE JRE or consult your IT support.

When a system’s cookies are blocked, it could prevent some webpages from displaying properly. For instructions on enabling your system’s cookies, please click here. You will also need to make sure that your browser is allowing pop-ups from the site. If you have pop-ups blocked, you will not be able to run the reports.

If your system does not meet these technical requirements, please contact cmoohn@apic.org to obtain a copy of the desired roster.