Spare a minute—make a difference

The Hill, a newspaper widely read on Capitol Hill, recently featured an op-ed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director, Dr. Tom Frieden. The article very concisely laid out the importance of funding the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), Prevention Epicenters and the Detect and Protect Initiative.

Now, infection preventionists and their allies need to back that message up with policymakers. It takes less than a minute to do so via APIC’s website.

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supporting funding for federal infection prevention programs

Dr. Frieden told Members of Congress what they can do to address the threat of antibiotic resistance. If we fail to invest in efforts to address this problem, he warns, antibiotic resistance will be an “exponentially worse problem in the future.”

NHSN, the Prevention Epicenters, and the Detect and Protect Against Antibiotic programs:

  • Help infection preventionists identify, monitor, and understand the extent of the healthcare-associated infection (HAI) problem
  • Address scientific gaps in HAI detection and prevention
  • Improve antibiotic stewardship through prevention collaboratives implementing antibiotic prescribing best practices.

With an investment of $32 million for NHSN and the Prevention Epicenters and $30 million for the Detect and Protect Against Antibiotic Resistance Initiative, Dr. Frieden aims to “open a new chapter in the fight against resistance and keep life-saving antibiotics effective and available for our families and neighbors.”

Congressional appropriators have heard from CDC, the media, and Washington-based organizations, but the message that matters most is from their constituents – you. Please add your voice to those calling for needed investments in federal infection prevention programs.