Sue Sebazco RN, BS, CIC

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Sue Sebazco served at APIC president in 2005.

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In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Sue shared what APIC has meant to her:

APIC is my professional being. Through APIC I have been educated and have provided education to others. I have had many opportunities to grow personally and professionally in a healthcare specialty healthcare that drives improved patient outcomes. My APIC colleagues have become lifelong friends and a network of support both personally and professionally.

Sue reflected on some of APIC’s major achievements during her term of office:

The first APIC Futures Summit was held in November 2004, just prior to my year as the 2005 APIC President. The proceedings from this gathering of APIC leaders and corporate partners set the stage for the strategic direction outlined in APIC 2012. At this time infection control was being rethought as infection prevention and the concept of “zero” was introduced to our profession. This was a major turning point for our association and the beginning of an exciting time as we began to identify and cultivate new relationships with organizations and corporations with the mutual interest of infection prevention.