Heroes of Infection Prevention Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Award Winners!  

Stay tuned for the 2020 Awards!


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This award recognizes individual APIC members and teams who work tirelessly to reduce infection, raise awareness, and improve the health and well-being of patients, healthcare workers, and the public. APIC aims to recognize the great work of six IPs.

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The recipients receive:

  • A commemorative plaque; 
  • Complimentary registration for the 2019 Annual Conference along with a travel stipend to attend the conference in Philadelphia (if awarded to a team, up to three members of the team are eligible for complimentary registration and travel); and 
  • A write-up in APIC’s Prevention Strategist magazine.


All recipients must:

  • Be an APIC member in good standing the year of the nomination of the award.
  • Currently have responsibility for IPC activities in a healthcare facility.
  • Not be members of the APIC Nominating and Awards Committee or the APIC Board of Directors.

Note: Self nomination is acceptable.


  • All applicants are required to demonstrate a significant impact in any one of the following areas:
    • Advocacy and Influence 
    • Cost Savings
    • Education
    • Patient Safety
    • Process and Systems Improvement
    • Program Development 
  • Applicants can only select one area and must provide evidence of impact or results.

The candidate will be scored on:

  • Innovation found in the program. 
  • Sustainability of the program or initiative.
  • Overall impact the candidate and/or program has made. 

The program aims to recognize diversity of award candidates or professionals in the IPC profession, with the goal being to include recipients from a broad spectrum:

  • Geographically, covering all regions of the U.S. as well as international membership; 
  • By length of time and experience in the profession, including both seasoned and newer professionals;
  • By practice setting;
  • By specialty area; and
  • By program reach, to include both setting-wide and targeted, facility-based, and community-wide impact.


The application for this award must include:

  • Online application
  • Nomination letter explaining why candidate should be considered a Hero. 
    • Describe why candidate is being nominated for this award in conjunction with the impact areas. 
    • This statement should be no more than 500 words focusing on one area of impact. 
  • Letter of reference from nominee’s manager or department leadership. 
    • Reference letter (500 words or fewer) should explain how the nominee meets the awards criteria, including:
      • Sustainability of program, process, or activity.
      • Quantitative proof of success of program, process, or activity.

Since 2006, nearly 100 infection preventionists or teams have received this award. Read about their award winning programs.

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