Dorine Berriel Cass

Healthcare Cost Containment Initiative

Dorine Berriel-Cass

Dorine Berriel Cass, RN, BSN, MA, CIC
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Dorine Berriel Cass had a profound effect, not just on patient safety at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit Michigan, but on its bottom line. Berriel-Cass spearheaded an investigation into an increase of cardiovascular surgery site infections (SSIs) at St. John Hospital and Medical Center; and, her findings led her to develop a risk reduction plan that prevented 18 infections with an estimated cost savings of $450,000. Berriel-Cass also engage cardiac surgeons and operating room staff to establish best practices for performance improvement including antibiotic timing, skin prep, and glucose control. The team held monthly meetings and periodic case observations to reinforce the best practices and held each person accountable for following the stipulated guidelines as put in place.